Monday, March 2, 2009

7 years

Sunday we celebrated 7 years of marriage. It was great day, I surprised Matt by coming home from worship service childless. He was stoked that we had the whole afternoon to ourselves. Giftwise, he gave me a new iPod Nano since my old one is beyond dead, perfume because he knows I LOVE getting perfume, and a card that he wrote a long note in and had me bawling by the end. I loved everything, he's so good to me.

We had a really good lunch at a seafood restaurant called Pappadeaux. The meal was delicious, especially since we haven't had any seafood since we left Florida a year ago! Do you know what it did for this native Florida girl to see alligator (they didn't call it gator, only a minor faux pas) tail, frog legs, and crabfingers on the menu? The only thing that could've made the menu any better is if they'd had sweet tea. Finding sweet tea this side of Texas isn't an easy task. I think Wendy's and Cracker Barrell actually serve it, but that's it. Matt's not a tea drinker so he always rolls his eyes when I ask half heartedly if the establishment we are dining at serves it only to hear those infamous words, "We have unsweetened, but there are sweeteners on the table." You might as well have just offered me rat poison.

Sometimes I still can't believe we're married. I love him so much that my heart hurts from it. I thank God every single day for him. We still seem to be in a honeymoon phase, and I'm not complaining. There are so many things I can't wait to do in the future, and not a single one doesn't involve him. Sorry this is beyond sticky sweet and lovey, but you know... that's just how we are right now. :)



  1. AWWWWW....gag me with a rubber spoon...seriously though, congratulations guys!! I am so proud of you, you two have been through so much that could've torn you apart, but you managed to come out on the other side even closer...may you have many more wonderful years even better than the ones before! Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'm a so happy for you two!! This is how a marriage should be..I'm just a little jealous..ok..a lot jealous! :) Happy 7th Anniversary!

  3. So so so sweet! I love that y'all have been married so long and still you feel like you're on a honeymoon trip! It's very inspiring. As for the lack of sweet tea out there, let me just say, I would die!! Fall out and die. You are one brave woman. Girl, I know it's love!

    On a side note, what the heck's on your head in that picture?? (:

  4. hahaha, that thing on my head is a "beanie" hat. We were snowboarding that day and it was pretty chilly, especially up on the ski lift. I HATE for my ears to get cold. :)