Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Looong Week

When Matt is gone out in the field or to a school somewhere it just stinks. You'd think that after almost 3 full years of him being gone all the time I'd be used to it by now. No, it still bugs me and everything kindof comes unravelled when he's away. Case in point, Monday he left for a week. Monday night the dog discovered how to get out of the fence and wander the base. At 8:30 p.m. I have to bundle my girls up in jackets and socks over their pajamas and drive around in the 30 degree weather yelling, "Zee!" for about 20 minutes. I had called the law enforcement desk on base before I left to find out if anyone had turned her in or reported a stray wandering around. While I'm out driving they called me back and told me a neighbor a few streets down was holding her for me. Zee wasn't upset at all, in fact she had made herself right at home. When I knocked on the door the lady said, "Oh, I'll go get her, she's in bed with my daughter." Took the dog home and was able to put my girls in bed a few minutes before 9, but it was still late for them.

Until he comes home my day consists of babysitting Chloe, the 9 week old daughter of a friend, and baby sitting my dog even though she has a fenced in yard because I can't trust her for more than 20 minutes at a time outside. She's escaped everyday since Monday.

Matt will be home on Friday and it can't get here fast enough!!!


  1. I feel your pain! I can remember when Chuck's job would take him away from town for a week here and there and I would be left at home with the kids. It never failed, if something was going to happen, it happened when he was away from home. Things like the pump messing up, the toilet overflowing in the middle of the night for me to wake up in the morning with the bathroom flooded along with the hallway, part of the living room and even into the kids room. What a mess! I got through those times (although at the time I didn't think I would make it) and I know that you will get through the challenges that come while Matt is away from home too. Will be praying for you. :)

  2. That reminds me of why I'm not a big pet person, but I am glad you found your dog!!!

  3. Oh Kathie! I can just invision the whole scene! I'm glad you found Zee..:)
    I love reading your blogs..You'll have to check mine out..I'm going to try and do better! Hope your week is a good one.
    Oh yeah..does babysitting a 9 week old give
    you the baby fever?